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Who We Are & What We Do

NaCCRA is the only national organization that exists to Promote, Protect, and Support
Your way of Life
Your financial security
Your dignity
as a resident of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC or Life Plan Community).


What's New

New Membership System

We have moved to a new Association Management System powered by ClubExpress, a company based near Chicago with thousands of Users.  Read why we picked this system, A Different AMS Model

We feel this change will open up many opportunities for all NaCCRA members.

All existing members have been sent a Welcome letter with more details. If you are not yet a member please join us.Member Signup / Information

NaCCRA Consumer Guide

The NaCCRA Board is pleased to announce the publication of the Consumer Guide to Continuing Care Retirement Communities. The 22-page PDF is intended to help prospective residents find the great CCRCs and to help current residents monitor the ongoing health and performance of the community where they now live. 

News Flash

Must read New York Times article Boomers Create a Surge in Luxury Care Communities

Member Meeting

A.V. Powell presented a program titled What Do We Need to Know About Actuarial Reports? at the October 28 member meeting.

NaCCRA has a new presence on Facebook. We are looking to post photos from members and their communities. Please like the page and tell your friends. 

Residents’ Rights


Some states have enacted bills of rights for CCRC residents. Unfortunately, most have not. Since many residents in states where this has not yet happened are interested in this issue, NaCCRA is taking an active role in this effort. You can read our proposed Bill of Rights for Residents of CCRCs on this website.

Financial Security

NaCCRA members are working on a set of Model Laws designed for two purposes. First, to improve the business and financial practices of CCRC management. Second, to elevate the financial soundness of the entire continuing-care industry, to make sure that prospective residents can rely on the representations made to them during the marketing process.

Accounting Validity

Matching and consistency principles are fundamental to sound accounting. However, CCRC accounting—as established by the guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and codified by the Financial Accounting Standards Board—departs from these fundamentals. This departure is material since it distorts the recurring fee adjustment calculations. NaCCRA advocates a return to more principled accounting and auditing standards.

Financial Fairness

Residents expect that entry fee investments in CCRC contracts are used to provide promised benefits to them. But industry experts, executives, and managers don’t always view stewardship of these investments in the same way. In some cases, the investments are not handled with care or prudence. NaCCRA is working to improve this situation.

Governance Standards

Although residents in Entry Fee financed CCRCs provide all or most of the at risk, ownership equity capital to allow the enterprise to qualify for secured debt financing, the residents are often excluded from the Board. This has led to laws mandating residents on CCRC Boards but such laws have met with reluctant provider organizations accustomed to have sole ownership authority.