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Upcoming Meeting

The next General Membership meeting will be March 15, 2015 at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, VA

Bill of Rights

NaCCRA has a Committee working under the leadership of NaCCRA's President, Dan Seeger, to seek to improve resident circumstances by developing a Resident Bill of Rights

Model Laws

Model Laws  are needed to protect the financial interests of residents and to ensure fair contracts. Click on this paragraph to go to NaCCRA's Model Laws.

NaCCRA U (The Residents Learning Site)

Below is a video introduction to NaCCRA U.  It's best viewed full screen!  As the video begins to play, click on the Square in the lower right of the video to go full screen.  You can click again to go back to small.


NaCCRA in Two Minutes

Click the video triangle to play, and then click the Square at the lower right while the video is playing to view Full Screen

You can access our Membership Brochure by Clicking Here

How to Join (click here)

NaCCRA is Working For You!
Our passion is your peace of mind.  Here are some of the initiatives that we have underway.
We're working to ensure that contractual promises are reflected in the financials with adequate reserves for deferred commitments so that promises made can be promises kept.
We're working to ensure that CCRC financials have integrity, are sound and prudent, are open to resident inquiry, and maintain equity and fairness among like-situated residents.
We're striving for understandable contracts with integrity so fees are fairly determined and residents retain the quality of life they've been promised.
We're a force in readiness striving continuously for your benefit.


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NaCCRA's Achievements

Charlie Paulk is NaCCRA's Senior Statesman and wise counselor.  He served as President for many years, and though stricken by health challenges in recent years, he continues as a key member.  By clicking below you can hear him explain NaCCRA Achievements in a two minute talk. 

Companion Educational, Research, and Learning Website at

NaCCRA Office | 325 John Knox Rd, Ste L103, Tallahassee, FL 32303 | 850.224.0711 | email |