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Hurricane Irma Recovery

Links and Articles Related to Hurricane Irma and the impact to the elderly.

NaCCRA Headquarters is open.

Guides for Recovery

Ed Peloquin, retired LeadingAge NJ Disaster Specialist and NaCCRA member prepared  guides for recovery after after a disaster. Click here to view and download Part 1. Here is Part 2 of the Clean up Guide. (9-13-2017). The final guide covers medications. Click here to view and download (9-16-2017)


The NaCCRA Board encourages members to share their experiences by using the Forum feature on the website. Access it here. You may also use the Contact Form if you want to get information out to the Board of Directors. The Webmaster will be monitoring it frequently.

News Reports

Links to news reports abut the elderly facing the storm and its aftermath. There are too many articles to post but here are a few.

Deaths after storm 

Senate Special Committe on Aging hearing

Flooding in Central Florida

Washington Post - Hidden Death Toll

Elderly Complicate Hurricane Response

Long a Refuge, Now Danger

CCRCs in Harm's Way

Many communities have posted Hurricane Irma links that detail what is happening.  Entire communities have been evacuated to inland locations. Assisted living and SNF residents have moved to other communities. For example, President Pflumm's facility is caring for 60 residents from Bentley Village in Naples, FL. Here are a few examples of how CCRCs are dealing with Irma. Check the updates. Many residents are still not back at the their communities.

Disaster Relief Contributions

LeadingAge has set up a disaster relief fund for provider members and their employees.

Erickson Living has set up a fund starting with $2,000,000 funded by the  CEO and EL corporation  for Eagles Trace employees in Houston, many who have lost everything

American Red Cross

Catholic Relief Services

Unfortunately, con artists come out of the woodwork during disasters, so be careful when sending contributions.

Community Staff Sacrifices and Hardships

As CCRC residents, we know that many staff members stay at the communities day after day making sure our needs are met. They do not know what is happening to their homes and familities. We are grateful for your presence and for the sacrifices you make on our behalf. We say "Thank You."

As the recovery process continues, many staff members remain with the residents who have evacuated. Volunteers have been requested for some communities still in shelters.