Register for the Forum


1. Choose a Username and enter it in the space above. (Please note: You can’t change your Username after you register, so be sure it’s something you like!)

2. Enter your email address in the space above.

3. Click the check box to prove you’re not a robot and click Register.

4. A picture will pop up with a number or word. (If you are on a mobile device such as an iPhone, clicking “I’m not a robot” will be sufficient. No picture will appear and you will be done.)

5. Enter the number or word and click submit.

6. Wait to receive a password by email. (Please note: This may take seconds or much longer. Be patient until it comes.)


Once you receive that password by email:

1. Log in to the Forum using the Username you chose and the password you were assigned. (Please note: The electronically generated password is complex, so it’s best to copy and paste it in when requested. If you have any problem with this process, use the Contact form to send a message to the webmaster, who will assist you.)


Once you are in, you can change the password and other information. Here’s how:

1. Click on your boldfaced Username where it appears (under your photo) on the right side of any interior page.

2. When the new page appears, look down the list to find edit.

3. Click on edit and the page will appear where you can make changes, including your password.